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The Recorder Co-Op

We are all professional recorder players: musicians who love the recorder and make our careers from it. Being a recorder player is a pretty varied sort of job - so on any given day you might find us practising, programming, conducting, teaching, rehearsing, adjudicating and examining, researching, writing, doing admin  or, perhaps most importantly, performing! We are so excited about supporting young musicians who love the recorder too.

To find out more about who we are, check out the links to our websites. We also play together, in the Recorder Co-op. You can find out more about what our quartet is up to here.

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Don Cowell Memorial Trust and the Victorian Recorder Guild

The Melbourne Recorder Academy is generously supported by both the Don Cowell Memorial Trust and the Victorian Recorder Guild

The Don Cowell Memorial Trust was set up by the VRG and the Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra in 1980 in memory of Don who died in 1979. Don was a founding member of the VRG, a recorder teacher and a recorder soloist of the MMO. The DCMT has played an important role in supporting young recorder players in Australia over the past decade.

The Victorian Recorder Guild is a network of recorder enthusiasts - players, performers and teachers - that encourages the playing and performance of recorders. The Guild runs a series of events throughout the year to encourage recorder playing in Victoria, which are well worth attending! 

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