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Past Projects

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Established in late 2016, the members of The Recorder Co-op decided to commit to share repertoire of the recorder to the wider community. Since then they have performed many concerts over the last two years, as well as performing with the Organ of Ballarat Festival, Melbourne Conservatorium Lunch Time series and Trinity Lecture series (with Auncient Hermony) and taught at workshops for the Victorian Recorder Guild. They have comissioned new works by Australian composers for the recorder, and fundraised a rare Bb quint bass to join the Renaissance collection of recorders as part of the Melbourne University collection. In late 2018 the Recorder Co-op decided to hold a workshop for young recorder students to work with the Recorder Co-op in a professional concert setting. After the sucess of the concert, they have decided to organise a workshop in October 2019 for young recorder students to explore the consort repertoire of the recorder, to have masterclasses and performance opportunities taught by recorder professionals.


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