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We're back!

What projects were we you up to during Covid-19?

After some of the toughest lockdowns in the world during 2020 and 2021, we were able to meet once between lockdowns to workshop a new composition by the wonderful composer Ros Bandt. While we weren't able to perform the full quartet version, Hannah Coleman, Ruth Wilkinson and Ros Bandt were able to perform Currawongs Calling at the Melbourne Recital Centre late in 2021. Watch the full program below.

The Recorder Co-op members with composer Ros Bandt, workshopping her new piece at the Melbourne Recital Centre in 2021.

What are some future projects?

We're excited to begin a new project - FIVE. We're looking forward to exploring the work of five part Renaissance consort music - and we'll be using our one of the kind Bb Bass that many people in the recorder community helped us fundraise for!

We're also very excited to restart our workshops for ages 5 - 21 year old recorder players around Victoria.

Stay updated with us on our facebook page for more info.


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